Monday, June 30, 2008

Ignoring God

Have you ever ignored God? Has He ever told you something so contrary to what you have been raised to believe that you just want to flee? You fear the reaction of those around you so much and the Church you were raised in that you just remain silent. Well, I now find myself in that place. How long I will remain in this place of silence I do not know, sometimes I wonder if it really was God. I now know what it feels like to be a coward or is this self-preservation.

Amy Winehouse Punches A Fan

Well a bunch of people got fired at work today and I found out my promotion has been put on hold. This story is a few days old, but it helps me to divert my attention from my horrible day.

Amy’s conduct is really bad, but she is tremendously talented. I think she may be a legend in the making; I just pray that she makes it in spite of herself.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Crazy Stuff That Happens In California

Read below to see the kind of crazy stuff that happens in California. This poor guy's arrest was all over the news and then it turns out he was framed. What kind of crazy deminted person would do something like that to someone?

From the Los Angeles Times
Police: Fullerton teacher was framed
Police say they are now investigating who set up the man by putting marijuana and a shotgun in his car at Sunny Hills High School.By H.G. RezaLos Angeles Times Staff WriterMay 30, 2008A Fullerton high school history teacher who was jailed this week when police -- acting on a tip -- found a shotgun and marijuana in his car in the school parking lot was actually the "victim of an elaborate setup," police said Thursday.Investigators are now convinced that Gregory Abbott, 31, of Placentia, who has taught at Sunny Hills High School for seven years, is innocent and was actually a victim, said Sgt. Mike MacDonald of the Fullerton Police Department.Detectives want to talk to Abbott's estranged wife and a male friend. MacDonald declined to identify the pair, calling them "persons of interest at this time" and not suspects.Abbott was pulled out of class Tuesday by officers who asked if they could search his car.An anonymous caller had phoned police to report that he had purchased drugs from a teacher at the high school named Abbott, who kept a weapon in his vehicle. The telephone call was made from off campus.MacDonald said Abbott was cooperative from the beginning and gave officers permission to search his car.They recovered an unloaded shotgun, about a gram of marijuana and prescription drugs packaged as if for sale.Abbott was arrested without incident and taken to the Fullerton City Jail, where he posted $25,000 bail.He said the gun and drugs were not his, and a follow-up investigation "revealed he was telling the truth," MacDonald said.Police said that they are still conducting a criminal investigation but that the focus is now on who framed Abbott."You could say the investigation has taken us in a different direction. We felt a duty to be impartial and fair, checking out Abbott's story," MacDonald said. "We're happy that the results vindicated him. He's had a tough week."Reached by telephone late Thursday, the teacher agreed."I'm a lot better today," he said. "I feel extremely grateful to the people who were with me through this time, especially the Fullerton police, who did an amazing and professional job by investigating to get to the truth."Abbott said he didn't blame them for arresting him, but that the ordeal seemed surreal."Nothing even close to this has ever happened to me," he said. "I come from a good family with a good background; to have the police come tell me that there's a shotgun in my car -- I can hardly believe it even now."hgreza@latimes.comTimes staff writer David Haldane contributed to this report.