Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


A lot of things have happened since I last blogged. I was really busy with work, school, and learning about this new side of me that I never knew existed. As mentioned previously I have started attending an inclusive church. This might not be a big deal for some people, but it was a major step for me. The moment I walked through those doors I was going against everything I had ever been taught. I am starting to make friends and get involved in church functions. So essentially I have to lives now: my straight life and Sundays when I get to be who I really am. This is not very healthy, I know, when I will be able to merge the two still seems very foreign to me and way in the future.

I also attended my first gay pride parade I never thought I would be at one of those; and then went to the festival afterwards. But I am still keeping these things secret from my friends and family. The parade was mellow compared to the average gay pride parade (the parade in Los Angeles can get pretty crazy), but still I don’t think these parades are representative of the average gay and lesbian.

Another eye opener was when I watched the movie Milk last weekend. What impacted me the most about this movie was this was the atmosphere I grew up in as a child (living in California); what I mean specifically is I realized I was surrounded by those who wanted to limit the rights (civil liberties) of gays and lesbians. I was brought up in churches and a family that were totally opposed to Milk (My family is very political.). It is interesting to see how my ideas were formed and realize those things engrained in me I need to overcome.

Another change is yesterday I lost my job (Due to the fact we were making no money.) so we will see what will happen with that situation. Losing the job is pretty scary, but it goes along with all the change in my life right now.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Since the beginning of the year I have been attending a gay affirming church. I was totally frightened to go, but once I got there I absolutely loved being at this church. I really like this church, the people, and the pastor. I haven’t felt at home in a church in a long time and I really like what the church is trying to accomplish. And I felt totally relaxed with everyone which is kind of really different for me. I think throughout my life I have felt like an outsider in a way. Theologically the church is more what I believe so this is also really nice. I look forward to Sundays and Mondays are disappointing because Monday is the furthest day away from Sunday. On the down side I am still leading this double life (Actually I am finding out I have never really had much of a life just a bunch of accomplishments.). I don’t think that I will ever be able to acknowledge who I really am to family and friends. Mentally I have a lot of things to work through mostly regarding religion and my family (Which for me is about everything.). I am discovering many things about myself one of which is I have a lot to learn about relationships. I wish I could let people closer particularly at my new church.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Finally A Step Forward

The New Year has already begun some real changes in my life. Sometimes you can really feel God’s presence and guidance and this is one of those times for me. Occasionally I search the Intranet for welcoming churches and one really caught my attention around nine months ago and I finally went to this church on Sunday (What a great way to start the New Year). What finally encouraged me to go was an acquaintance (although she is an acquaintance I have always felt very comfortable with her.). She told me her and her girlfriend were looking for a church. I listened and finally told her I knew of a church she might want to try (Knowing this would reveal a little too much about me, but I just felt she might like this church.). Her previous church had thrown her out because she was a lesbian. We went outside and talked for quite a long time and I finally told her the truth and this was such a liberating feeling. What a great feeling it was to let someone know who I truly am and this made me so happy. Church was a great experience and I found out this is where a lot of people from my particular theological background have been going (I felt out home for the first time in a long time and there is so much more I could say.). And the spiritual hunger in these people was incredible and how absurd it is the Church turns them out. I think God must be very upset with this ostracism (And it isn’t the first time the Church has been so incorrect on a subject for those of you who think you are so correct. I dare you to study the subject fromw writers who oppose your views). And some day God will get real upset and another Martin Luther will step up, but maybe this is already happening. Despite this great weekend Monday morning I woke up with such fear and I felt like I was betraying everyone in my life. I almost started hyperventilating. It is amazing so much fear surrounds my religious beliefs isn’t Christ suppose to set the captives free? Most in particular I felt like I was betraying my spiritual mentor and how upset she will be once this all comes out. And this is causing me great grief what this will do to her.