Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Evangelical Great Gay Awakening

I love the title of this article at the Huffington Post, “Is Evangelical Christianity Having A Great Gay Awakening”, by Cathleen Falsani. My answer to this question would be yes; from what I have seen what has been labeled the conservative church is going through a revolution and revelation (A few other christian denominations have already gone there.). It is amazing having lived on both sides of this issue sometimes I feel if I was Saul who was then turned into Paul. In pictures I seem more at ease with myself; before I thought I looked rather awkward. It is amazing how knowing every part of yourself can change everything for the better. It makes me realize the terrible cost homosexuals have been forced to pay by denying who they are to themselves and to others. Anyway back to the article by Ms. Falsani I liked what Jay Bakker had to say, but disagreed with his interpretation of the Leviticus passages which he stated were anti-homosexual. If you look at the entire content of the passage the writer is talking about idol worship so I think the verses have to do more with that than anything else. Temple prostitutes were a part of the pagan religious practices the Israelites were forbidden to be a part of in Leviticus and this was not a condemnation of homosexuality.

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