Sunday, April 20, 2008

It Is Time To Totally Change Churches

I am going to a more progressive church tomorrow. This may seem perfectly normal to some people but I was brought up as an Evangelical Christian so a lot of friends and family are going to think this is pretty strange (And if it turns out to be serious an intervention will be planned.). I just want to get another prospective on Christianity. I am really tired of going to churches that almost everyone thinks God is a Republican and the Christian right wing is not questioned. I have been going to non-denominational churches and some of them are just totally out of control. I went to a conference at a church around a month ago and someone was actually passing around a political petition. I don’t want to go back to the denomination I was brought up in, because although I did learn and grow a lot I don’t want to be forced to fit into a mold. I find some churches very limiting and if you can't be yourself it is hard to know God.

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Cecilia said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by at my place. I agree wtih your comments about Anonymous. And I know it's like hitting my head against a wall. But I can't stop responding...

Pax, C.