Saturday, April 26, 2008

Why A Different Church

What am I trying to say?

I took a quiz and I am still an Evangelical/Baptists in my way of thinking to some extent, but on the bright side at least I did not come out as a fundamentalists that would have been chilling ( However, this is not surprising since I was raised as an Evangelical/Baptists, but I hoped I had gotten somewhat beyond this mindset. So please have some patience with me, because sometimes I have these attacks and start thinking like an Evangelical/Baptists and it can be kind of strange. There is still this thought process in the back of my head that if I do not answer certain questions correctly (How old is the world?; Should the Bible be taken literally?; etc…) I may be falling into some type of serious error. This may sound silly, but it is true. So now I am trying to expand my way of thinking by being around some Christians who think differently and being exposed to different teachings. There has to be something more to Christianity that is what my heart is telling me. I think the first step to do this is to attend a church, unlike the one I was brought up in, and hear some brand new teachings on Christ. This is a far better option than the last time I got fed up with evangelism and stopped attending church all together. I went to the movies on Sunday morning instead

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