Thursday, August 21, 2008

Todays News

This is scary I think the Cold War has started again haven’t we learned anything. Isn’t Condi Rice suppose to be a Russian expert?:
So Obama is not doing well with Hillary supporters. One in five of her supporters will vote for McCain. Also, a large majority of her supporters are also a large segment of the undecided voters. Hillary has even created her own team for the convention to quiet her supporters so the world can’t see what is acutally going on. It doesn’t look like Obama is doing that well and what type of Hillary supperter would vote for McCain?
The coverage of this Olympics has been better than recent years (We acutally get to see the events not a bunch of made up human interest stuff). And congratulations to Great Britian for winning more models since 1920. And what happened to Canada maybe we should loan them Mike Phelps next time.
And go and read this at the Huffington Poast McCain doesn’t remember how may houses he owns. I sure wish I had that problem.
And lastely my pick for Obama’s vice presidential running mate is Joe Biden. This would be a great choice considering everything that is going on in Russia and elsewhere in the world. But, we will see what happens the Democrats are really good at losing elections that should be one. And in my opinion we can think them for the current Administration. So off to my job where all the employees are in fear of being laid off in this great new economy.

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