Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Acutally Did Something Good Today

I had my hair cut today and I actually did something good. My hairdresser’s son is gay and she told me about the time he went to church with his dad. Her son said he liked the church, but he knows the church doesn’t accept him so he wouldn’t go back. How sad is that when someone feels like a church doesn’t want him (For the most part the universal church has always made the gay community feel totally alienated-Something like the Samaritans in the New Testament). Someone could be a murderer and feel more accepted at church. We should all be ashamed of ourselves and I am included. I have supported churches like this for years simply accepting what I have been taught all my life. Anyway I told her that there are churches that will accept her son and I feel like I planted a good seed. We then went on discussing different ways to interpret the Bible and so it turned out to be a really good conversation.

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