Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Horrible Week

I am really happy my week from hell is almost over. Some computer program (or the programmer) malfunctioned and a bunch of people didn’t get paid. I am just happy I am not the one who did this. And, actually it wasn’t a bunch of people it was like thousands. So this is what I have had to hear all week (Note I like to avoid conflict.). I empathize with them (Those that didn’t get paid), have compassion for them, but it is pretty sad when you get shorted $100 and your whole world falls apart and you have to totally freak out. So I have had to listen to this and try to get all my work done. And a lot of them need some real civility lessons and it is just incredible and scary (And they are rude even when they get paid so you can’t excuse their behavior because they are upset). THIS WHOLE THING REALLY ISN’T EVEN MY JOB ANYWAY SO THAT TICKS ME OFF TOO. I wonder what type of parents these people had or the problem is they just weren’t parented at all. Anyway I think God is trying to teach me some type of lesson what this lesson is I don’t know. Maybe He wants me to be nice to stupid people or maybe not to avoid conflict so He put me in a bunch of conflict. I try to be polite to people so I just can’t relate to some of these people who are just naturally rude. And this isn’t all just me (I thought maybe there is something wrong with me) other people say the same thing. Anyway I am afraid to go to work tomorrow. On a lighter note it was 94 degrees today and it is suppose to be 100 degrees tomorrow. The weather is really nice. So I went out for my walks during lunch and break and people were commenting how they hoped we weren’t going to have an earthquake (Whenever the weather changes drastically in California almost everyone thinks we are going to have an earthquake – there is some truth to this although scientist would say no). Because of this earthquak talk I didn’t get any peace on my walk at work either. And on a good note the California Supreme Court overturned the gay marriage ban , but I couldn’t discuss this with anyone because I didn’t want to out myself. (I purposely but that sentence towards the end because I didn't think you would have read this far.) So people asked me what I thought and I just looked at them kind of stupid this really disgusted me with myself. And then when I got home I called up my friend J and he said we were going to have hyperflation like Argentina during the 1980s and gas was going to be $10.00 a gallon so that just made me really happy. This whole week has been a drag.

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