Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Earthquake

Yesterdays earthquake was a fitting end to a truly horrible month (Probably the most horrible month I can ever remember.). And I learned after yesterday that my earthquake phobia still exist. I thought that I was fine, but when the ground started to move (Along with the loud noises that come with earthquakes) all the bad memories came flooding back. There was a time when earthquakes really didn't bother me, but then the house I lived in was destroyed in an earthquake and many parts of the city were also destroyed. There were also after shocks for months. So even though yesterday was a mild earthquake I had the misfortune of being very close to the point of origin. Added, to this parts of the ceiling came down were I was and a couple telephone poles also came down. This caused the electricity, phone lines, and the street lights to go out which causes havoc when so many people live in one place. But, this was a fitting end to a month which begun with over 100 people being laid off from work, four acquaintances I know under the age of 30 all dying within a week of one another, finding out some horrible disturbing secrets about close family members, and someone at work going into a screaming rage. So this month appropriately ended with an earthquake and I am glad there is only 23 hours left of this month now.

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